855-732-2665 Using Humor to Overcome Addiction and Tame the Shame

Part One: The Addicted (two discs)

Part 1: The Addicted
Mark works with addicts in treatment and in various stages of recovery. The curriculum items addressed in this disc include:
- Disease concept
- The impact the addict and the family have on each other
- Nature vs nurture and the impact on the addictive process
- Defective thought processes
- The problems with "secrets"
- How the family supports and enables the addict
- How addiction can create or contribute to dysfunctional "stasis" in the family
- How the family affects the addict
- The use of drugs as a replacement for social and life skills
- Common triggers for the addict and tools to avoid them
- How the addict can trigger the family
- Shame and its effect on the addict

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