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An Innovative New Product from Mark Lundholm
Designed to Help Addicts and Their Families

The Family In Treatment Series: Overview

Family In Treatment is an innovative new product that takes direct aim at some of the most challenging beliefs, behaviors, and barriers facing the recovering addict and his or her family. With presentations intended for separate viewing by the addict, the family members, and for both addict and family together, this engaging, humorous, and yet powerful presentation addresses many of the most difficult issues that often stand in the way of achieving and maintaining sobriety. 

Through a combination of storytelling, exercises and other interactive activities with addicts and family members, jokes, and easy-to-remember "shortcuts" and acronyms, presenter Mark Lundholm, an internationally recognized comedian, entertainer, addiction recovery presenter, and 24 year recovered addict, captures the interest of the viewer, and offers memorable explanations of  the key elements of successful recovery in a way that engages the viewer and, through humor directed at self-exploration. 

Family in Treatment provides meaningful insights into the most challenging aspects of the family dynamic as it affects the addict and the family members.   Filmed at one of the top inpatient addiction recovery centers in the US, the Family in Treatment series incorporates direct interaction with a live audience composed of addicts and their families. Packed with valuable tools, information, stories, exercises, and facts delivered in a clear direct and entertaining way, Family in Treatment, as presented by Mark, uses his art of comedy, story telling, and ability to connect on the deepest level to convey a message of hope, a path for success, and provides a roadmap to help heal the wounds caused by addiction, codependence and family dysfunction.  This program provides life changing information in a unique, memorable, and entertaining format.

This is a powerful educational program for use by professionals in the recovery field, and serves equally well for individuals and families in a home setting who have not attended treatment yet or who have just finished treatment. 
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